domingo, fevereiro 05, 2006


Vi ainda este documentário. Muito do que se diz, não é novidade nenhuma, mas parece haver quem não perceba, ou não queira perceber...

The Bottom Line: Privatizing the World

Some call it a winner-take-all opportunity. Others call it the exploitation of scarcity in its most extreme form. This program challenges big business’s alarming rush to commodify the world’s common resources—things as basic to life as drinkable water and human genes. Proponents of the common good square off against promoters of "business as usual," speaking out on controversial issues including exporting water from Canada, creating hybrid crop seeds and imposing their use on farmers, patenting the BRCA1 gene sequence, fighting against the free dispensing of generic versions of patented HIV medications, and drafting international trade agreements that create negative precedents that override existing environmental laws.

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