domingo, junho 20, 2010

Love and Fidelity

A. Comte-Sponville, French philosopher, A short Treatise on the Great Virtues

The lover is irksome and jealous as long as he loves, and unfaithful and deceitful when he stops loving.

Eros is a jealous god. He who loves wants to posses his beloved and keep her for himself alone. If she is happy with someone else, you would rather see her dead! If he is happy with someone else, you would rather have him unhappy with you.

We desire not this particular woman, who is real, but the possession of her, which is not.

How many men think they desire a woman when all they really want is an orgasm?

How can I swear to you to love you forever and to love no one else? Who can take an oath to his feelings?

Why would I keep yesterday’s promise since I am no longer the same today? Why indeed?

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