segunda-feira, junho 14, 2010

I'm sadder than ever.
Everything feels so bad
Truth is worse than I expected
My dreams have all gone dead

I've created this persona,
the tottaly oposite of me.
I could win all the games
But I've hated it.

I manage to aviod people,
trying to be ethereal
But the ghosts suck my blood,
and some times they take control.

I feel sick all the time
Don´t have the power to change things
can't move my body
unless I act like an alchoolic

So I just lay here
like I was waiting for death
in a very depressed or maniac way.

There was this life
that I dream about
But that life doesn't have a place
in the real world.

I feel like crying,
but nothing comes out from me
I'm like a baloon
breathing in,
till it explodes.

I don't like this life
but I'm stucked in it.
I dream with another
where others just don't fit.

Time keeps running
another day wasted
without any dreams at all
Everything is just a big fucking Matrix

counsciessness of truth
killed all my hopes

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