terça-feira, julho 18, 2006

Testes Idiotas

You find love in a Mischievous Meeting

A foreign affair with an exotic stranger. A surprise weekend getaway with your long-time love. These are the fantasies that fill your daydreams. When it comes to romance, your imagination and sense of adventure are in the driver's seat. You have a zest for life that welcomes spontaneity with open arms, and you look for a partner who has the wit and wiles to keep up with you...or to lead the way, as long as you're tripping the light fantastic together.

While you love mystery and mischief in your romantic encounters, you're also not afraid to make a commitment to someone. You just make sure that keeping it interesting, passionate, and fun are high on their agendas, too. And that doesn't sound mischievous to us at all.

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