quinta-feira, janeiro 13, 2005

The cure

That was clear enough, thank you. I understand your position. Can you really believe that I feel finally free from myself? Thanks for helping me cleaning this mess. I really needed this. But in the end, this was a fine day. Life should come around soon. All that I can say is, that I needed to hear your goodbye before leaving this place. From now on, I will make some new arrangements. I´ll try to forget the main subject. All I have to do now is concentrate on work. You will not see it, cause you´ll have to go away, I already know that. This is a sick weardo´s place. You should already know it. People can easily get scared, impressed, confused, and...then they puke. Hell, but I felt good while smoking that sheat, even if throwing all my dinner away, in the end. Someday you´ll understand. Sometimes we have the oportunity. Don´t think that it's so bad. It really feels good. All regrets turn to dust. Then we smoke it and everything is gone forever. It´s a one way ticket, for only those who don´t want to come back. I always did want, every single time. Main point is: Were cool with each other, and that´s ok! I´ve learned to forgive myself, and these thinkings were all about it. You're right. Let's forget it, and let it all go away. I'll stay away, from now on. And I'll be fine. I was just fooly enloved, that was it.

And guess what? I also reallise that I still can write in english. Were there many errors in this thing? Pfuuu... an endless list. Never mind that. I won´t bother no more. And who gives a shit anyway? I used to. Always did. I'll get over it. I always took good care of myself. Never lost control. What about you? You seem pretty sure of what you want. You always did. Go back to work, or study, or him, or whatever you're wish to... Buy the new things you wish, weare them, and then take a deep look to yourself in the mirror. You´ll look just great, and as happy as you can be. You´ll see, and they will to. Somewhere between your own, you'll find him.

By the way, if you´re thinking just now that this text is ment for you, be aware... That means you are getting paranoid...

Ps: Don´t panick! All that is reversible. No, not that.., You already told me that. I know you don´t like these words. So, just don´t read it anymore. That should be enough... Me? I´m as good as new. I´ll rock!


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