sexta-feira, novembro 26, 2010


I was not madly enloved with L, I don't know why, but there were times when I felt like I wanted to be with her in a bed forever. And I worry about her. A lot. Believe me when I wish her to be happy with her life, no matter what options she takes, as long as she thinks for herself. And we all know that I could not make no one happy, because I'm not hypocrite. I can not fake that so called idealised love. And I don't want to interfere with other person decisions. Mabe only now I can see her as a real friend. But real friends are always there for you, whenever you need, like she was there for me, when I needed it.

So, if you ever need me, no matter what or how long, don't hesitate to ask.
I don´t owe her anythin, it's because I feel it in my heart, not because I feel obligated.
-I'm still the same person and I wish you're well-

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