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The Love Test

What Are You Like in Love?

When you're head over heels, you are an Independent Spirit

when you're in love, you're an Independent Spirit. Approximately 11% of people share this type with you. What does this title say about you?

If you had a theme song it would probably be "Don't Box Me In." independent spirits like you typically aren't fond of being crowded. On the contrary, you appreciate having the space to do your own thing and aren't one who often feels swayed by what others are up to. You're not the type who typically feels the need to hang out at the "cool" clubs or sample the latest restaurants. In fact, you may not even know the latest buzz about those things, since they really aren't important to you.

You probably prefer to come up with your own ideas of places to go and people to spend time with. Others are naturally drawn to your sense of creativity and mystery that surrounds your life. Sometimes you will treasure their company, but only if you avoid super-dependent types who want to be with you all the time. Finding a like-minded spirit like you, someone who prizes their independence as much as you do, will probably bring you and your mate the most happiness.

Now that you have general sketch of your love personality, you should understand the 7 core personality dimensions that determined it.

Dimension #7: Independent versus Connected
People who are highly connected tend to make their relationships with others a priority. They keep in close touch with family and friends when they can and are usually softhearted, empathic people.

Highly independent people tend to be less open with those around them than their connected counterparts. They typically enjoy having time to themselves. Independent types are apt to search for meaning in ideas, things, or particular experiences more often than in their relationships. As a result, they can be at their best whether they're in a relationship or flying solo.

Compared with the other people who took this test, your score weighed more heavily on the realistic end of the scale. This means that although you surely appreciate the presence of others in your life, you're often your own best companion. In fact, there are certain things that you probably prefer to do alone, even if you don't have to. Whether you enjoy taking yourself to a movie now and then or simply for a quiet drive, you seem to be one of those people who understand that quality time doesn't always have to mean social time. So while you likely appreciate the chance to socialize with friends and family, you're apt to covet your down time as well.

When it comes to relationships, you're not usually one to dive right in with your heart on your sleeve. Instead, you're more likely to hold back a bit and open up to the new romance more slowly. This kind of distance may simply feel safer. However, once you let yourself fall deeply in love, you can develop as close and real a bond as anyone out there.

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