sábado, outubro 24, 2009



For the breakfast, apples, cigarrets. Afterwards the split.
At the sunset, in the end of the afternoon, we walked out of the house.
A kiss goodbye and a smile.

Past doesen´t exist cause I don´t give a cheat anymore.
I was back in the streets again like a wild cat after a long night.
Swet was all over me, and so was that smell.

I then walked the streets alone alone, trying to find a place to wash my face and take a cofee.

In the meanwhile I was thinking.

Girls turn me on while they pass. They pose their bodys while they move.
They look without stare.

Tonight, a different night.
Other questions,different decisions.
Shoul I stay or should I go now.
Where will I be?

Sun is shinning
I can now be me again.

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